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  • Infrastructure data viewer
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Interlocking data viewer
  • Interlocking planning

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Neat s.r.l.
Fabiana Diotallevi
Via Edoardo D'Onofrio 304
00155 Roma

Phone: +39 3462891675


RaIL-AiD is a powerful and versatile modeling tool created by NEAT that simplifies several processes related to the design of railway signalling systems, managing phases such as:

  • Layout Definition
  • Wayside Configuration Data (WCD)
  • Third-party WCD verification
  • Simulation Environment
  • Testing Facilities
  • Debug Instruments

RaIL-AiD targets a variety of user categories:

  • Railway Application Engineers for both design and verification
  • Signalling Project Engineers for trackside data preparation for IXL and ERTMS systems
  • Railway Dispatchers and Operators for controlling train operations and in handling route, transport and traffic management tasks

RaIL-AiD has been designed in order to be user-friendly, lightweight, modular, expandable, OS-independent, customizable, and interoperable, and allows the user to:

  • easily draw a schematic plan and export it in railML® 3.1
  • import railML® 3.1 schemas and automatically draw the related schematic plan

Moreover, its modular architecture enables the deployment of targeted solutions completely customizable according to the user’s needs (for example, import/export of proprietary user data from/to railML® 3.1).

commercial , academic

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