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  • Power supply simulation
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Institut für Bahntechnik GmbH
Martin Jacob
Wiener Str. 114-116
01219 Dresden

Phone: +49 351 877 59-0


OpenPowerNet is a traction power supply and engine simulation software. It performs the traction Power Supply Calculation in module PSC as well as the Advanced Train Model simulation in module ATM.

For prognosis and analysis of railway energy consumption the use of simulation tools are needed. The electrical load flow within railway power supply networks and the train energy consumption depend both on the running trains and the power supply system characteristics. In contrast to public energy distribution systems there are moving energy consumers with a time-dependent power demand picking up and recovering energy at changing locations. The network structure and the voltage situation influence the internal load flows. On the other hand the power supply system may influence the traction characteristics of the trains and the railway energy consumption. The simulation of these dynamic processes allows the analysis and prognosis of load flows and energy consumption as well as the design and rating verification of the electrical installations.

The basis of such analysis is the simulation of the railway operation. This is done by OpenTrack in co-simulation with the electrical simulation. During each time step of the simulation the results of both simulators are adjusted to comply with the other. Subsequently the possible retroactive effect from OpenPowerNet to OpenTrack can be realised.

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