Controlguide OCS


Siemens Mobility GmbH
Dirk Erdmann
Ackerstraße 22
38126 Braunschweig



Controlguide OCS provides functions for all levels of rail traffic control and operations management. With its high-performance automation functions, Controlguide OCS offers ideal conditions for centralizing operations management. Your staff will be relieved of routine work and can fully concentrate on ensuring smooth traffic flows. Whatever is required of your systems‘ performance and functionality, Controlguide OCS supports different solutions through to fully automatic unattended train operation (UTO) with extended automation functions for handling emergency situations. 

With the increasing complexity and centralization of operations management, deviations during operations may entail considerable consequences. That is why Controlguide OCS provides intelligent dispatching functions including forecast, conflict detection and resolution. Even in exceptional situations, these functions will guarantee a high level of performance and reliability in rail services.



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