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  • Interlocking simulation
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Tran-SYS kft.
Reinhold Hundt
5th floor, B building, 48-66 Lajos u.
1036 Budapest


BEST is an interlocking simulation system for training and reproduces the user interface of the original systems including all relevant operating menus. The simulation of the interlocking technology with all external installations and train movements maps reality to a great extent.

The most important features:

  • Topography editor to enter and modify the topography and user interfaces
  • Complete display of the original user interface
  • Functional interlocking simulation and field elements
  • Real time simulation of train and shunting movements
  • Simulation of disturbances which hamper the course of business
  • Simulation of automatic route setting and train describer
  • Illustration of the traffic according to real railroad maps
  • Configuration of permission and responsibility areas as desired.



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