Introduction is an initiative that supports the further development of the open-source railway markup language railML. Like every open-source software the railML schemes are generally characterized by peer production, availability of source code and documentation, which is available to the public at no cost. All of these attributes are fulfilled since 2002 by the initiative.

Its main objective is to enable heterogeneous railway applications to communicate with each other. Today, the connection of various railway software packages is beset with problems. The purpose of the initiative has been to find, discuss and present systematic, XML-based solutions for simplified data exchange between railway applications. 

Comparison without and with railML®
Comparison without and with railML®

The railML standard is not the product of a centralised body. Instead it has been developed in a work and discussion process among the involved partners. All interested institutions and businesses are invited to contact us and participate in the initiative.

This website provides additional information on our project. The results of are available for download on this website after subjecting to our licensing conditions. You will find XML schemas, sample data files and the detailed railML specifications.

Due to the complexity of railway data and the many syntactic differences among the railways, software using the railML format have to be certified. The certification ensures the quality of the railML interfaces and brings no additional costs except the one-time certification.