Using and downloading railML

This Guideline is intended to help you through the first steps in downloading and using railML®.

Download railML

  1. If you have not yet registered with, please make sure to do so first. Your registration is necessary not only to ensure acceptance of the license terms, but also to keep track of the use of railML® and to be able to network with  the community in your country or company. Registration is free of charge and has no further obligations, see our our data privacy statement (in German only) for details.
  2. Login to and go to the railML's schemes page or all downloads page
  3. Consent to the licence terms, railML® is licensed under a dual system, with either a restricted CC-BY-NC-ND licence or (after certification) a commercial licence.
  4. Download the zip file with the current version of the railML® schema files.

To obtain the alpha and beta scheme versions (intended for developers; not recommended for beginners and for applications in the field), please contact the coordinators.

Using railML

The community will help you get started with railML. Feel free to use the following support tracks:

  • The railML®-Wiki is the primary means of documentation. You can find a collection of Users and Developers Guides (e.g. how to contribute to this wiki) on our railML Wiki page.
  • If our wiki leaves any questions unanswered, join our Forum, where railML developers and users can exchange their experiences and discuss problems or enhancements.
  • Meet other Users, the developers and the coordinators on a conference. Conferences are ordinarily held twice a year. Please, see our calendar for obtaining information about the next event.
  • Certify your interface. While you can use railML® in island solutions e.g. for exercise, in most cases productive use aims at and depends on exchanging data with other units (another application; another division within your company; another corporation). To ensure a smooth operation, the licence requires you to certify your interface if you use it productively (i.e., exchanging data with others). Please read the binding certification manual; if you have any questions about the procedure, please contact