railML example data

On this page, railML® users are able to download training and real-world example data.

Training Examples by railML.org

The following example data is published by railML.org to provide valid and comprehensible railML data files for developers and those interested. They are completely fictional examples meant for simple and initial testing and the data therefore does not necessarily reflect reality.

Starting with version 12 of the "Simple example" and version 11 of the "Advanced example", information on different perspectives of the infrastructure data is provided, such as network statement view, timetable perspective, electrification focus etc. Please refer to the guidelines on how to read example data.

railML Simple Example by railML.org

A simple example that comprehensibly explains the modelling principles of railML (and RailTopoModel with railML 3.1) on the basis of a small selection of elements. The example intends to provide railML beginners a first and easy-to-understand overview of the essential elements and attributes of the model and exchange format.

The illustrated line is a single-track line bordered by two operational points (2 tracks each).

The ZIP file contains the Simple Example modelled in railML 2.3, 2.4, 2.5 as well as railML 3.1 together with a general visualisation, inspired by German representation.

Additionally a collection of different national visualizations (Czech, Dutch, Norwegian, ...) is provided, but not updated.

Content: 5 km single-track line (only infrastructure)

Description: Simple Example railML 2.3, 2.4, 2.5 and 3.1 (railML 3.2 files will be added in early 2024)

Version: V12 as of July 25th, 2023

railML Advanced Example by railML.org

An extended example, which shows common elements of railway operation that are used in data management and data exchange with railML (and RailTopoModel) on a daily basis. With this programmers and users shall clearly understand central elements and attributes. Furthermore, they can compare them with their own developments.

Parts of the Advanced Example correspond to the Simple Example without contradiction and extend it only by additional elements.

Content: 25 km single and double track in three lines (only infrastructure)

Description: Advanced Example PDF description only (railML 2.5 and 3.2 files will be added in early 2024)

Version: V11 as of July 25th, 2023

railML Complex Example by railML.org

A sophisticated example, which includes (internationally understandable) special features, comprehensible exceptions and special problems in the area of data exchange. This example data is targeted towards developers and modellers with extensive experience in the railML environment.

Development can start in 2024 if there is a need from the community. Please contact railML.org!

Real world railway examples from professional tools

The following example data are real examples kindly provided by railML.org partners. They are not meant for productive purposes and only represent an imaginary railway operation. Please download the examples below.

Please be aware that railML.org is not liable for any content of the provided data.

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