railML 3.1 IL & IS Workshop

02.04.2019 (10:00–17:00) 18

railML 3.1 and RailTopoModel related changes

The aim of the workshop is to support you in the understanding of railML 3.1 in preparation of initial implementation for your business cases. In particular, the workshop shall be used to answer questions, discuss modelling issues in detail.

Target audience: All parties working with railway data (mainly infrastructure, timetable and interlocking; not: rollingstock)

  • Programmers of (potential) export and import interfaces
  • Project managers of timetable and infrastructure software programmes
  • Project managers of timetable and infrastructure databases projects
  • Users of planning, scheduling and management software
  • Managers and Stakeholders of digitalisation and IT projects in the railway sector

Remark: Requests and remarks with regard to future railML 3.2 version will be discussed in the workshop too.