Documentation of railML Versions

The current and former railML® Versions documentation is included in the download package of the released railML versions. In addition, the documentation is available as HTML. Further information and technical description can also be found in the railML wiki.

Documentation sources

In case of contradictions between the documentation, please note the following ranking of the documentation sources in order of their significance :

  1. Offcial published XSD descriptions available in download area derived from repository for railML 3
  2. HTML documentation (see below)
  3. railML-Wiki with more detailed documentation, semantic constraints and examples for railML 3
  4. Documentation of the railML partner for restrictions of the import or export scope or own extensions (must not change or replace the railML definition); e.g. Norwegian extensions

HTML documentation of railML 3

The current railML® 3.2 documentation is available here:

The former railML® 3.1 documentation is available here: