railML® is an open-source railway data exchange format. This means that it is available to everyone free of charge. The Creative Commons licence, which has applied to railML since 2009, ensures this irrevocably. However, development and maintenance of a standard require efforts, which are currently done by the community. coordinates the railML-related work and is not a commercial enterprise with the intention of making a profit. Even though various railways, software developers and other organisations (like UIC) support the idea of a free, common and unique data exchange model for the railway sector generously, some particularly burdensome services cannot be provided free of charge or cannot, in principle, be provided to the community.

A brief overview of free, chargeable and not offered services by in the railML domain is provided below.

Free of charge


  • Product presentation meetings as well as general and specific workshops on railML
  • Consulting by experts regarding the best practices of data management/exchange strategy
  • Acquirement of mandatory certification (one-off fee) for software or railML interface prior to usage
  • Costs for cease and desist warnings and legal fees caused by improper use of intellectual property and violation of license terms

Not offered

  • Programming for implementation of railML® export or import interfaces in a software
    (these services will be provided by a software programmer or vendor only; develops the railVIVID software only)
  • Access to timetable, infrastructure, interlocking or rollingstock databases in railML file format
    (these railway databases can be provided by an IM, RU or other parties only; only provides example files)


Feel free to contact for further explanations, questions and remarks at any time. also offers the stakeholders a separate contract, which could explicitly confirm this once again.