RailML timetable root Container for services and related data Container for timetable periods Container for compositions Container for categories grouping operating periods contains operating periods Container for operating period data contains services and may contain holidays Container for holidays Container for train service Example: on working days except 8. march contains weekday based service definition Weekday based service definition Example: on normal days: monday to friday on holidays: only mondays Included or excluded dates and periods Holiday grouping timetable periods contains timetable periods grouping compositions contains compositions Container for train composition data, changing at associated entry Train data connection to rollingstock schema engine data Wagon data grouping categories contains categories Container for train data Container for timetable entries grouping timetableentries contains entries Point on the route Container for entry data Connection to other trains Statistic data Data concerning the section between this and the next entry Data describing type and purpose of the stop Container for statistic data Statistic Analyses data of statistc analyses, e.g. 75% of the trains have less delay than 1.7 minutes