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Feedback UIC RailTopoModel [message #554] Tue, 06 May 2014 19:02
Here is my short feedback on the upcoming UIC RailTopoModel v1.0.

In general, I like what I have seen so far about the topology modeling. It
seems both elegant and well usable. There may be other ways to model
topology (track-oriented as in railML, double vertex graph), but the
approach chosen seems comprehensive and sophisticated.

+ The topology is always modeled in the same way, independent of the level
of detail chosen (micro, macro, meso, etc). This seems to be an advantage.
+ I like the choice of the intrinsic (relative )positioning.

- So far, the model is rather abstract: everything seems possible, but
nothing concrete has been decided yet. Especially when it comes to
elements outside the topology, namely signalling, infrastructure, etc.
Here I would like to have more concrete hints or examples what we should
expect. So far we have the skeleton without the flesh.

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