Certification of your railML® interface

railML as an exchange format for rail data depends on the correct use by rail-IT applications. The process of certification concludes in a mutual benefit for railML.org and our parnter. Main aspects are the quality assurance and interoperabilty for our partners and the recognition of the needs of our partners for railML.org. The evaluation of a railML interface is based on the review of the results of export and import of such applications.

As the railML standard is subdivided in schemes covering timetable, infrastructure and rolling stock according to the main purpose of rail-IT applications, the certification accordingly considers only the scheme or the schemes used by the applicant.

A certification is manadatory for all 2.0/2.1/2.2/2.x/3.x interfaces registered after July the 1st, 2013. Responsible for the certification of an interface is always the software producer who brought it to productive use. The costs of the certification are to be carried by the software producer.

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You might visit the railML's wiki for a preliminary description of the certification procedure too.

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