Railcomplete AS

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Oct 2015
Railcomplete AS
Claus Feyling
Brageveien 4a
N-0358 Oslo

Phone: +47 90824018


RailCOMPLETE® is a BIM tool from Railcomplete AS, Norway. Visit us at www.railcomplete.com.

The RailCOMPLETE specification and development team consists of experts with backgrounds from mathematics, physics, and railway infrastructure design. Railcomplete AS was founded in 2015 through fission from Anacon AS. Version v1.0 is available from 2017Q4.

RailCOMPLETE is a railway BIM tool which is suitable for producing complex computer models for railway infrastructure projects of any size. Objects for Track, Catenary, Low Power, Signalling, Foundations & Ducts are modelled.

RailCOMPLETE is ideal for early capacity planning as well as for detailed planning (PT1) and especially for construction planning (PT2). A model developed in RailCOMPLETE is a “relay stick” that follows your project from planning, through procurement and construction, to operations.

RailCOMPLETE easily connects the intelligent data models for your railway expert teams to allow for consistency checking as well as producing cross-disciplinary tables of any size based on programmable and self-adjusting objects.

RailCOMPLETE is a time and cost saver – and above all, RailCOMPLETE boosts data quality.

railML® compatible applications: